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When most people think of Chiropractic, they usually think of back pain. While back pain and related disorders are certainly a part of my practice, I specialize in a great variety of treatments that concentrate on every part of your body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.    
Did you know that chiropractic is an effective method of treatment for many different types of health problems which originate in the spine and nervous system? This natural healing method provides both preventive and corrective care to patients from every walk of life. Chiropractic has helped may people get healthy and stay healthy.   
My clinic offers a great versatility covering sports medicine, sophisticated x-ray facilities, physiotherapy, nutrition, orthopedics, laser treatment and preventive care.   
Most often back pain, headache, neck pain, arthritis, pain in the extremities, numbness, or even stomach discomfort may be treated and helped with our procedures. All without surgery, All without drugs.

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Joel Bienenfeld DC


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